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Brunnenallee 21
D-53173 Bonn
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E-mail: bonn@hospital-partners.com



Kurt-Schumacher-Platz 10

D-44787  Bochum
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Pharmaceutical Supply from Germany

Our company offers a delivery service of any German pharmaceutical products  all over the world. We deliver original medication to any part of the world in the shortest period of time. This service is open to patients, clinics as well as to doctors. We also organize special kinds of transportation for fragile medication if needed.

Using originally German medication you can be sure to take a high quality, effective and authentic product. If you wish to order a delivery of medication from Germany, please call or e-mail us.

For the placement of an order we need the information below:
• The exact name of the medication
• Active substance(s)
• Application dose
• Packaging kind (tablets, injection, drops, suppositories)
• Amount
• Address of delivery
• Delivery deadline (quick or regular delivery)

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